Ananda Shankar Centre for Performing Arts (ASCPA) started in 1987 is an institution in Kolkata, India, which imparts training in the Shankar Technique of New Age Dance evolved by the artistic genius, the late Uday Shankar. The style is Indian in origin and spirit, modern in presentation and has universal appeal.

The Centre under the able guidance of Tanusree Shankar prepares students to earnestly pursue the highly exalted discipline of creative dance, which though different from the Classical Indian dance form is no less demanding. The Centre tries to inculcate in its students a sense of aesthetic fulfillment, not devoid of fun and entertainment. The training imparted here is unique, since the grammar and technique are not derived from any classical form.

The Centre aims at being much more than a dance institution. It aspires to develop artistes equally adept at performing, teaching and organizing activities connected with show business. Accordingly, the students are taught various aspects of stagecraft and show business administration. The importance of traits like discipline, punctuality and teamwork are drilled into the learners. They also get opportunities to receive training in choreography that few centers provide.

Meritorious students of the Centre are given scholarships to attend residencies at renowned international institutions. There are regular exchange programmes where eminent dancers both from India and abroad, conduct classes on different dance techniques at the Centre. In short, ASCPA dreams of producing artistes of all – round excellence adept at performing in India and abroad.